Our Story


The organic culture of our current climate has led us to source and utilise reclaimed and natural materials washed up and found along the shoreline, as a natural resource to use in our unique Irish coastal designs.

Sometimes the beach hunt is with intention but mostly the treasures found dictate our creations.  Sea-glass which has tumbled around in the ocean for years sometimes centuries, is reclaimed and reused in our environmentally conscious jewellery creations.  The pressure and erosion of both sand and tide is totally unpredictable, making each piece of collected sea-glass totally unique. Carefully chosen beach pebbles and driftwood are the main materials used in our art pieces.

To experience the sights, sounds, touch and aroma of the most forceful aspect of nature alongside the serenity of the shoreline is thought to rejuvenate and clear many a tired mind and through the work of Mara Coastal Creations, we try to encapsulate the atmospheric security and tranquillity the shoreline gives and enable you the opportunity to own a personal piece of rare Irish tumbled sea-glass or coastal art piece.

All our beach combed materials go through a process of sterilisation before we use them in our coastal designs.


Hi my name is Bernadette, I live on the southeast coast of Ireland with my partner Paul who is a deep-sea fisherman, my 3 sons and our little dog Jackson. My treasured childhood memories are filled with tales and visions of both ocean and shore and my deep love and respect for all things oceanic comes from my seafaring family background. My uncles are also deep-sea fishermen and my father was a merchant navy sailor and later captained freight ships worldwide, so the sea is a huge part of our everyday lives. Our lives revolve around ocean and shore and our ‘catch’ and shore collections tend to alter according to seasonal change.

A brief move to London in my late teens led me into the existence of Art college life which I loved, but whilst living in the city I realised how much I missed the beach and on every visit home I would race down to the shoreline to just soak up its atmosphere. Having graduated in Fine Art and Ceramics from the London Guildhall University I eagerly returned home to Ireland in 1998 to pursue a career as a studio potter.

My love of my coastal surroundings, the constant beach walks, alongside the in-depth ocean knowledge from our family of sailors has given me great knowledge of tides, coastal movement, fauna and sea life both on and offshore. My collection of treasured beachcombing finds include red and black (super rare) sea-glass, chanies (pottery pieces) and driftwood from shipwrecks which sunk off the Irish coast over 150 years ago.

In 2015, a personal tragedy led me to rethink my lifepath and the seeds were sown for Mara Coastal Creations, an accumulation of my three loves…Life, Art and The Ocean.

I hope you like my work and it brings calm, tranquillity and great sea-joy to your heart,

love Bernadette x